full stack developer

at the dna of web technologies


love building powerful web apps using Angular as frontend technology

created a customer setup wizard for ebuero, an order form for caryaa, a decentralized chess app and a mobile app

4 years of experience using Angular.js 1.x, recently started building apps with Angular.js 2 and TypeScript


love employing CakePHP as backend, especially since the major changes of version 3

created an order interface for an insurance provider, a tournament management software, the backend for a mobile app as well as several smaller sites with micro-cms like musay

5 years of experience using CakePHP 2; 1.5 years of experience using CakePHP 3. Giving and given trainings for CakePHP, for example for the Berlin department for health on social aspects LaGeSo.


love using GIT for version control and let CVS / SVN remain history

used to working in a structured development environment using SCRUM and Canban, utilizing tools like JIRA, Stash/Bitbucket, Confluence and Waffle.io

8 years of experience using GIT, 5 years of experience as a SCRUM team member, 1 year as SCRUM product owner and 6 months as SCRUM master


love having been freed of the "pure javascript hell" after developing a whole CMS with plain JS

developed a whole form system (formsys) for ebuero employing jQuery and several jQuery libraries, and used on on nearly every site and app developed so far

8 years of experience using jQuery in various projects, regularly updating to the newest version


love the flexibility of PHP to create simple websites fast and the possibilities for structured applications introduced with newer PHP versions

used PHP to create the first dynamic websites, some of them like feubori still being used today, and kept using it for tons of websites and apps since

14 years since I developed my first site using PHP 4, working with PHP almost every day since

HTML5 (and CSS3)

love finally being able to create modern web applications without having to deal with GUI libraries like Swing or spending ages on Internet Explorer 6 workarounds

passionate about writing clean, understandable HTML markup yet keeping rendering and delivery times in mind

15 years of development with HTML and CSS, closely monitoring progress made